Thursday, March 26, 2009

An Enchanted Evening....

I had the pleasure of hosting a Federation Event with special guest Raya Strauss from Israel, who is visiting the States (for the umpteenth time) spreading her message of family, community and social responsibility. We were all mesmerized by her stories, and the warmth of her visit still radiates in my home (not to mention dreams of Elite Chocolates, which is one of the Strauss businesses). Shown with Raya are Gidi Grinstein (center), founder of the Reut Institute, and Gaye Daneman, Women's Philantrophy Director for the Jewish Federation of Greater Dallas. May I also give a soundout to Michael Golman of Partymaker who was over the top in delicacies, and old friend (not old!) from Jack Boles Valet, Gary, who with Vinnie worked in a steady Dallas rain.

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Our Visit to Cathy Waterman's Studio:

When my daughter Alysa tells me that I have been neglecting my blog since I spend so much time on my computer, Facebook and Twitter (yes! I now Tweet!), it's time to get caught up, starting with the inside look at Cathy Waterman's studio when we visited in late February (yes, lots of catching up to do!). The inspiration and treasures are everywhere: desk, corners, even outside in the vining. It was a glorious trip and we snatched every great for sale thing which wasn't nailed down, even the necklace Cathy was wearing.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

New Found Treasures: Cathy Waterman

Last week we paid a short but glorious visit to Cathy Waterman's studio, in the hunt for newly finished treasures. We did not come home empty handed. From an ebony cuff with an inlay of gold and diamonds (which by the way, fits perfectly my slender and very picky wrist), to rubies and coral and a petrified sycamore pendant, we scored a great new collection which is already flying out the door. Spring is here in Texas and we are ready!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Northwestern University Dance Marathon 2009

In a tough economic environment, it is a tribute to these kids that they raised over $917,000 in this year's Dance Marathon. I was glued for hours looking for Alysa, and finally spotted her on stage when the 120 hour dancers (all four years) were honored. Way to go NU!!!!!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Northwestern Dance Marathon is ON!!! Alysa Teichman is Dancing!!!

Hey for the next 30 hours we will be playing: Where's Alysa? If you want to catch the oldest dance marathon in the country (that would be Northwestern University!), check it out at This year it benefits Project Kindle. So while we enjoy our leisurely weekend, Alysa will be dancing, dancing, dancing!!!

More from Irene Neuwirth's Visit.....

Eddie likes to think he was part of the reason that
Irene just had to get a puppy before she left Dallas. He made a new friend and can't wait to someday go to California to visit. Jewelry and Puppies: two of my favorite subjects....we had a great time, Irene!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Irene Puppy Update....

This just in: Irene picked the white one on the left...and he's on the way to Malibu!!!

Irene Neuwirth REALLY Does Dallas....

It is 3:16 Dallas time, and she is on the way to the airport with both puppies and can't decide. We are awaiting her call, and hoping she does not miss her flight. These guys are adorable, and I am happy I am not the one deciding. Stay tuned....

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Au Revoir to Claudie Pierlot

She was fun, flirty and French, and in my younger years, I was a devoted fan.
Claudie Pierlot had just sold her business, and her recent passing brought back memories of some great design. The link to her website goes to a page which just will not load, but the graphics say all about her attitude and design.

Irene Neuwirth is on the Way!!!!!!