Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Foot be Damned! Sometimes You Have to Party (with Irene Neuwirth, Lizzie & Nate, Woju, BOFFO, Jake Gyllenhaal & A Cast of Thousands!

Truth be told, it's been a rather bumpy summer since June foot surgery. I've gone from velcro shoe to boot and finally to open sandals, although regrettably not the kind that a fashionista would want to spend Fall in. But hey! I'm a happy camper!

And while I had the pleasure of spending oodles of time with Irene Neuwirth in Dallas just 2+ weeks ago, I just couldn't resist jumping on a plane Friday with my Fit Flops (which my daughter has dubbed a preview of old age) to surprise my designer friend and attend the opening night of her pop up store in NYC. Sponsored by Boffo, it is a collaberation between architect Marc Fornes (The Very Many) and Irene, who had made me miserable by texting and emailing a constant flow of pictures showing the progress of the installation.

I. Just. Had. To. Go.

I was hoping that my Nina Ricci LBD and a ton of Irene jewels would draw attention from my frumpy Fit Flops. But no worries, there were so many bodies in there, I doubt that anyone could even see my feet. And even if they could have, just maybe my Essie "Aruba Blue" toe nail polish would have drawn attention from my shoes!

Alysa was my date (in Richard Chai and also dripping in Irene Neuwirth, courtesy of Mama Duck), and we had a blast.

The space on Walker Street in Tribeca is amazing, and the warmth and glow of Marc's metal-fabrication-uber-creation-from-either-outer-space-or-under-the-ocean-like-coral is not to be believed. And there, perched amidst the installation were glass domes filled with branches dripping with jewels. Lots of them. Massive amounts of Irene Neuwirth's best creations.

We mixed and mingled with the fashion crowd and oohed and aahed and had such a great time. I admired Irene's towering heels, and to be honest, really feel better in high heels myself. But Fit Flops would have to do for the evening and actually came in handy when we exited, because it started pouring and we had to hot foot it to find a cab.

Following a bit of power shopping for my NY child (how can a mom hit town and not shop a bit?), a great visit with her friend Sadie who was in from D.C., and too much great eating, I flew back to Dallas the next day, carrying with me a huge burst of energy for the season, fueled by the sheer artistry of it all.

Kudos Irene. Kudos Mark. Kudos BOFFO. If you are in New York, hightail it to 57 Walker Street and see for yourself.