Friday, October 16, 2009

It's Texas OU Fever in Dallas....Go Horns!!!

A sea of orange and red has descended on Dallas as one of the biggest rivalries of college football takes the field tomorrow: University of Texas vs. University of Oklahoma. If you're in Dallas, enjoy the crisp weather, the last weekend of the State Fair and a little football. Go UT!!!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

WWD Forum on Consumer Engagement: New Rules for Sure!!!

I had a wonderful opportunity recently to hear and meet some amazing speakers arranged by Women's Wear Daily in New York. Brian Kalma (Zappos) is a bundle of ideas and energy (Who doesn't envy all the cutting edge programs Zappos has launched?). Charlene Sawyers from P&G really surprised me with their programs, since my own 4 year tenure with P&G was so conservative. Check out this Youtube video for Gillette and smile. Marc Gobe wrote a book on emotional branding and has another book out in January; Laura McEwen from Teen Vogue opened our eyes to the new Millennials and their spending power. And what more can you say about Norma Kamali? Ahead of her time. Always was. Always will be. And very beautiful to boot, would kill for her cheekbones. In all, a wonderful day packed with industry talent and endless ideas. Stay tuned for some of our own!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

A Horse & Rider in Dallas for Akha

There's always something going on in the neighborhood, and yesterday there was a horse and rider a block away who obviously had a story. Matthew McDaniel is riding from Salem, Oregon to the U.N. in New York to spread the human rights cause of Akha people (check out Matthew's blog, where he commented "very friendly the people of Dallas"). Sooooo, coming through Dallas, he wanted to deliver his cards with his message to Former President Bush, and therefore landed on our street, successfully handing off to the Secret Service who promised the materials would land in the President's hands. As I said, always something going on in the 'hood.

Introducing Good Fortune by Ten Thousand Things

We are sooooooo excited to introduce Good Fortune, by Ten Thousand Things. David & Ron have designed the cutest charms, from letters and numbers to symbols of good luck and naturally, good fortune. The micro pave diamond work is incredible, and lucky assortments went home with lucky shoppers at their trunk show. We are forecasting not good, but great fortune for this new line. Exclusively ours and we are thrilled!

Friday, October 9, 2009

David & Ron (Ten Thousand Things) Do Dallas

We had a great time with friends David Rees and Ron Anderson of Ten Thousand Things with a double dose of surprise for our shoppers: the Ten Thousand Things Trunk Show, and the debut of Good Fortune by Ten Thousand Things, exclusive to Ylang 23. Later that night, we kicked back at home, where the boyz connected with an enthusiastic Eddie, and I re-connected with my childhood, as Charles pulled out an ashtray I had made in '61 at Echo Hill Ranch in Kerrville, Texas for Ron, who swears he is trying to quit. Right Ron????

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Von!!!!!!

It was smiles all around for champagne and Sprinkles cupcakes before the trunk show to celebrate my assistant Von's, and Ron & David love a party. The sweetness didn't end there, as Alysa had whipped up a batch of frosted snickerdoodles which she shared with the staff. Happy birthday Von!!!!!