Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Joanne Teichman: My Anna Wintour Moment -- Love 'em, Hate 'em, Let's Hear it for Bangs!

I've had a lifetime of conflict about my hair. Growing up in Arkansas, my mother sent me for regular haircuts with her friend Virginia who ran a beauty shop out of her home. I would find out later that Virginia also styled hair at the morgue prior to funeral viewings. I imagine the deceased's experience was no better than mine, because I felt as if a bowl descended and wham! there went the scissors in the geekiest style, the object being to cut each hair to form a smiley face. One look at my childhood portraits, and case made. Looking at pictures of my mother when she was that age shows she was subjected to the same from her mother. I was outright jealous that my older sister Laura Jean (who also got 2 names vs. my one) was able to keep enough hair in the back for a pony tail, and I never figured out why I got (literally) the short end of the deal. But hey, it's only hair, and once a teenager and almost out of my home, I enjoyed a lifetime of hair experimentation. 

My senior year I was skinny as a stick, and worshiped Twiggy, even tagged by that nickname from my classmates. With short tent dresses, short Twiggy hair and lots of mascara, I was in heaven. College was not so kind. Bypassing the "Freshman 10", I gained 35-40 pounds by the end of Freshman year, which called for a drastic change in hair to divert the focus. It grew out, and the following year, in the midst of protesting classes and attending Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin concerts, my hair went downright unruly.

There are times when you don't have a choice over your hair (or lack thereof), as I found myself 8 years ago, having been diagnosed with Breast Cancer and opting for the maximum rounds of Chemo. With a little help from a very talented Dallas wig-maker, "Esmeralda" became my best friend. Her most masterful performance was when I was invited to a private lunch with Rudy Giuliani by friend Cynthia O'Connor. I flew to New York just for the day, and the winds could not have been fiercer. Esmerelda stayed put, and the press pic made a sweet memory.

While in high school, Alysa recruited me for a photo project. She shot me bald, scarved and with Esmerelda. When my hair finally started to grow in, it was "Chemo hair" curly. Somehow my highlights turned red, and when I look back, it's hard to believe I thought I looked good. Charles hates redheads, but in kindness, never brought it up. When it comes to my hair, he rolls his eyes, and goes with the flow!

My generation didn't have control over their hair, usually, so it's nice to be grown up and play. After gushing over my best friend Melanie's new hair style -- she confided compliments of a Brazilian Blowout -- in a New York moment the next day, I got one too. Then back in Dallas, I went back to bangs after abandoning them for years. I love them, at least for now. Bangs with benefits include: not having to put makeup on my forehead and slightly covering up my never-fully-grown-in-after-chemo eyebrows. The compliments from friends have surprised me. InStyle just published "Find the Best Bangs for Your Face Shape", but I just trust my guy to snip away. Mine are somewhere between Lea Michele and Claudia Schiffer, although no other body parts have anything to do with those sirens. I think InStyle should have included Anna Wintour's bangs which, to me, are downright professional looking and mysterious at the same time, and very fashionable for our similar ages. So I guess I'm in my Lea Michele - Claudia Schiffer - Anna Wintour moment which is not a bad place to be, and look forward to the next, whatever that is. Stay tuned.

Alber Ebez for Lanvin and Ten Thousand Things for Gregory Parkinson & Ylang 23

OK. I know that this is a necklace designed for Gregory Parkinson's knockout New York Fashion Week show. And Ylang 23 has the exclusive to sell it (yea!). But don't you think that it would make a swell anklet, especially with my new fuchsia Lanvin flats which my toes just love! Just call us, Ron and David will make you a necklace in any color and any length, or an anklet. Make your own fashion statement! And don't forget to check out the Ten Thousand Things Trunk Show, now online!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Ten Thousand Things & Gregory Parkinson & Irene Neuwirth & Ylang 23 & Me!

I was on the phone gabbing with Irene Neuwirth yesterday and telling her about the most amazing one of a kind pieces David Rees and Ron Anderson (Ten Thousand Things) just shipped in direct from Gregory Parkinson's New York Fashion Week presentation of Spring '11 for next week's trunk show. David & Ron designed all the jewelry for the show and NY Magazine gave the collection and the jewelry rave reviews. Gregory's flow-y print collection captured my Bohemian heart and opening the box of our first trunk show shipments from Ron & David gave me panic attacks, each piece more amazing than the next, especially the never before seen cuffs and enamel charm necklaces designed for Fashion Week (and I would imagine for me?). Well, back to my conversation with Irene, I was babbling about Gregory's clothes and the jewelry and she said, you want to say hi to him? as Greg was picking her up for a San Francisco wedding (I hear he designed the bridesmaid's dresses) and hanging out at her studio. But of course! And then the most delightful accent and warmth jumped from the end of the phone as I gushed congratulations on his collection and and we talked about the jewelry too (I first found out on Facebook when he posted that he loved his new enamel necklace from Ten Thousand Things and then I posted to David Rees, Where is mine????). I invited Gregory to join us for David and Ron's show in Dallas next week, but alas, he has to design a frock for CDFA, where he is nominated for a Fashion Fund Award, which is a HUGE deal. I think he should win, really. Such a talent, and he is soooooooooooooo nice!!! Ps. The Ten Thousand Things Collection will be online at starting Wednesday. For a sneak peek visit

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Play with Polyvore's Mini-Editor at

This is serious fun and just takes a minute. This is a Polyvore I did running out the door this morning. We have edited 100 items for you to play with and look forward to seeing your pieces of art. Just visit: to start your art!

Joanne Teichman: Facebook is Down; It's All Happening on Twitter for Ylang 23!

Where's a girl gonna go when Facebook is down? Why Twitter of course! Check out all the latest comings and goings and doings by following @ylang23. Will be looking for your Tweets!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Drew Barrymore Rocks in Cathy Waterman in the new Harpers Bazaar: Wow!

Drew Barrymore's beauty explodes in the new October issue of Harpers Bazaar, and forgive me if I am biased and think that this is THE picture of the feature. The issue is "Fabulous at Any Age" but honestly, don't think anyone could look as fab as Drew does. Her fetching frock is by Christian Dior, and some brilliant, brilliant stylist paired these gorgeous Cathy Waterman coral earrings which really pop!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Polyvore Mini-Editor Now on!

Introducing Polyvore Mini-Editor on, where you can create your own Polyvores with our curated selection of images and publish them for all the Polyvore world to see (and there are millions, trust me!) These are the first three Polyvores published after going live, and we love them! Can't wait to see more!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Meet Jamie Joseph! Shop the Show Online!

We've been waiting all summer for this show to kick off the season. Jamie and Jeremy Joseph have arrived with hundreds of rings, earrings and necklaces, and if you don't see what you are looking for, stay tuned because our web and graphics staff are busy adding pieces to the site. Want to talk to Jamie? Call us at 866-YLANG 23 or 972.980 0819.  Cannot decide my favorites, too many choices!

Out of Africa: Joanne Teichman's Blog is Back September 1!

I always said to myself that I would not neglect my blog, I enjoy it too much. But then again, I didn't anticipate being unplugged in Tanzania with my family. It was the most amazing trip, and these are just a few of the wonders we met along the way. I promise to post a few more (the albums are residing in Facebook at this point), as it was most wonderful to re-connect with my camera. Many decades ago, I spent many days and nights in the darkroom in college while I was in Journalism school. It was a favorite time, but I have to admit that digital is the Bomb! It is so great to be able to be on a continuous shooting drive mode and to catch birds in flight and lions yawning when you have no idea what moment it is going to be. And there is something special about camping out and having more than a few bucket showers. 

Anyway, it's September 1 and no excuses, I'm back. And what a day to be back with the most amazing Jamie Joseph Trunk Show. Gotta run!