Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Out of Africa: Joanne Teichman's Blog is Back September 1!

I always said to myself that I would not neglect my blog, I enjoy it too much. But then again, I didn't anticipate being unplugged in Tanzania with my family. It was the most amazing trip, and these are just a few of the wonders we met along the way. I promise to post a few more (the albums are residing in Facebook at this point), as it was most wonderful to re-connect with my camera. Many decades ago, I spent many days and nights in the darkroom in college while I was in Journalism school. It was a favorite time, but I have to admit that digital is the Bomb! It is so great to be able to be on a continuous shooting drive mode and to catch birds in flight and lions yawning when you have no idea what moment it is going to be. And there is something special about camping out and having more than a few bucket showers. 

Anyway, it's September 1 and no excuses, I'm back. And what a day to be back with the most amazing Jamie Joseph Trunk Show. Gotta run!

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