Friday, September 24, 2010

Ten Thousand Things & Gregory Parkinson & Irene Neuwirth & Ylang 23 & Me!

I was on the phone gabbing with Irene Neuwirth yesterday and telling her about the most amazing one of a kind pieces David Rees and Ron Anderson (Ten Thousand Things) just shipped in direct from Gregory Parkinson's New York Fashion Week presentation of Spring '11 for next week's trunk show. David & Ron designed all the jewelry for the show and NY Magazine gave the collection and the jewelry rave reviews. Gregory's flow-y print collection captured my Bohemian heart and opening the box of our first trunk show shipments from Ron & David gave me panic attacks, each piece more amazing than the next, especially the never before seen cuffs and enamel charm necklaces designed for Fashion Week (and I would imagine for me?). Well, back to my conversation with Irene, I was babbling about Gregory's clothes and the jewelry and she said, you want to say hi to him? as Greg was picking her up for a San Francisco wedding (I hear he designed the bridesmaid's dresses) and hanging out at her studio. But of course! And then the most delightful accent and warmth jumped from the end of the phone as I gushed congratulations on his collection and and we talked about the jewelry too (I first found out on Facebook when he posted that he loved his new enamel necklace from Ten Thousand Things and then I posted to David Rees, Where is mine????). I invited Gregory to join us for David and Ron's show in Dallas next week, but alas, he has to design a frock for CDFA, where he is nominated for a Fashion Fund Award, which is a HUGE deal. I think he should win, really. Such a talent, and he is soooooooooooooo nice!!! Ps. The Ten Thousand Things Collection will be online at starting Wednesday. For a sneak peek visit

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