Friday, September 7, 2007

Giorgio Armani

It has been a dream to someday meet Giorgio Armani and this year's Crystal Charity luncheon at Neiman Marcus made it come true. Mr. Armani and an entourage of thousands including his statuesque niece who served as interpretor, descended on Dallas and made everyone's day. The Milan tented runway show was over the top, the Dallas fashionistas turned out by the hundreds, and Neiman Marcus, in honor of their 100th Birthday, hosted a luncheon, the likes of which Dallas has never seen. So there I was in the mobs of ladies having lunch with Giorgio and Lance (yes, another fan, Lance Armstrong). Mr. Armani radiates happiness and oozes talent. He is THE fashion king of the world, and we have been following his every stitch and move for decades. So, this was a very, very special day for this blogger. And it was great that it was all for charity, including our special favorite, North Texas Food Bank Food4Kids.

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