Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Girl's Night Out with Charla Krupp

These are just a few of my shots from last night's party for Charla Krupp. Honestly, I was too busy visiting with friends and getting books for her to sign to take pics, since everyone needed just one more tip to not look OL but Y&H (yes, you'll have to read the book to decode, but you'd better move fast since it is on the Amazon and New York Times best sellers' lists). Charla is darling and a bundle of energy, especially fueled by the flock of A-listers (A is for Amazing) who turned out to meet her. And those cute little desserts? Visit because they were disappearing at a fast clip. Stay tuned for the party coverage in our Scene@23 section, thanks to photo phenom Kristina Bowman. And thanks to Heidi Dillon and The Fashionistas, our beneficiaries of the evening.

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