Saturday, July 26, 2008

A Garden Grows in the Heart of Dallas......

Some old and dear friends (and I mean old as in, we have known them forever, because they are not old) invited us for dinner and we were just knocked out. I mean, he is a SURGEON, and has this garden and is growing EVERYTHING, and then they plucked and picked and seasoned and cooked and Wow! We have just never, never had a dinner like this. Takes the word "home cooking" to another dimension altogether. I had to take a bag of that basil as a party favor...and just couldn't stay away from the okra, caprese with pesto, eggplant and squash. I am sworn to secrecy where this magic garden is, because someone might just pay a moonlight visit and grab some green. And do you see those hands? Those are surgeon's hands...yes, our friend is as deft with a kitchen knife as he is with a scalpel. Bravo, Jim and Cynthia!!!

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