Friday, August 15, 2008

My Friend Jenny.....

My friend Jenny has an amazing gift of bringing together the most interesting women...this time for a luncheon for no reason at all (maybe it was just pity on whomever was in town for the 106 degree heat?). Included were her mom; my favorite radiologist; an author of a new book on cancer (Does anyone have an Oprah connection? This one is a winner); an event planner; my friend who is chairing a major charity event; a friend who had a wealth of info on meditation, the head of consumer relations for a major company, and then there was Jenny, weaving us all together for what turned out to be a 3 hour lunch. 9 of us at Mercury Grill, and the table decor was divine. Executive Chef Chris Ward is extraordinary...and while I usually pass on desserts, I talked Jenny's mom into ordering the chocolate (left) so that I could taste it, while I ate every bite of the most amazing coconut souffle which is still lingering in my mind. Thanks, Jenny. It was really special.

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