Monday, August 4, 2008

Tourists and Friends in New York...

Last week we attended the fall and holiday buying shows in New York and were knocked over by the new designers we discovered (stay tuned!). Alysa attended the show with us Sunday, and you know the story about the worker in the chocolate shop who was eating the inventory? That's our some for the store and "don't forget me...I'm your greatest model". She has great taste and we are happy to say that you will see her influences in Fall. We were so happy to see our friend Cynthia O'Connor (shown with Alysa), who owns one of the powerhouse showrooms in New York and Los Angeles (she helped launch major collections including Me & Ro, Kate Spade, and many others, and were so happy to breakfast with our friend Rachel Barnett, another industry powerhouse. And that friendly driver? Just shuttling another busload of tourists; the city was swarming with them. Just another day at the New York zoo.

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