Saturday, September 13, 2008

Irene Neuwirth Does Dallas...

In a social whirlwind shocking even to a certain designer flying in from doing a New York runway show (that would be Irene), she was game for a wild couple of days. First, attending the Crystal Charity luncheon with friend Lynne and myself, where we visited with Pamela Fiori (editor) and Jim Taylor (publisher) of Town & Country...then attending the pre-event for Art for the Bridge with Woju (check out the martinis in hand), Charles & me and featuring the eye-popping and ear-splitting Le Freak Band. Oh! and Yes!
A most fab Trunk Show in between. Everyone was particularly stunned by Irene's moonstones and boulder opals. I would imagine that Irene and Woju passed out on the plane going back to California, and got an eyeful of Dallas fashion and fun....What can I say? Thank you for such an amazing show, and for being such fun guests.

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