Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Robert Pattinson (say who?) Appearance at Galleria

I am feeling old. Am I the only one who has not heard of Robert Pattinson? Well, my curiosity was definitely piqued when hundreds and then thousands of mostly teenage girls started occupying the Galleria, most outside our door. He is a PHENOM STAR from Harry Potter, and star of The Twilight, not yet out. I snagged a choice spot behind the media ropes for my friend Zoe (and my camera), and then the Mall exploded when HE appeared. Didn't escape the bedlam later at home even: Nightline covered the whole Galleria appearance, starring our friend Jeff Ells, head of Galleria Security, whom I am happy to say, managed everything incident free and is relieved that Mr. Pattinson is off to another location. Whew.

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