Thursday, March 11, 2010

Facebook Fan Mail

Our Facebook fans are treated like rock stars!
Was feeling so on a cloud yesterday, played Fairy Godmother and picked a Facebook fan at random to win a Gift Card. And was so surprised to get this response from our winner Diana:

Dear Joanne

Thank you... its so interesting, the timing for special and lovely things to happen in life.
8 years ago my mother gave me a beautiful clover charm for luck when I went overseas for a project, it is old and special. When I turned 30 she gave me the Waterman Love charm that she got from you. I wear both together with a planetjill photo charm that my husband gave me of my and my daughter. Love, Luck and my family - all wrapped into one special necklace. I have been on your site so much over the last few weeks and found another special charm to add to the others. Its a sun by Good Fortune. Last night before I saw your post I had a Chinese dinner with my dearest friend and my fortune read "good fortune is coming to you" - so I am feeling especially lucky or special...
Jewelry is what I buy for friends and family for gifts and love your pieces and selections. I will be shopping...
Many thanks - I know it was random but I have a big smile at the coincidence of it all!
I posted the Ylang 23 post to my fb page too!

Might have to do this more often....Facebook fans, watch out!

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