Saturday, June 5, 2010

Ylang 23: Happy 25th Birthday to Us!

25 years ago today, in the middle of a hot, Texas afternoon, we opened the doors to Ylang 23 (then named Ylang-Ylang). The first woman to walk in pointed to a rack of earrings behind me and said "I'll take those". I then turned to Charles and asked, "Now what do I do?". He said "Ask her how she would like to pay." I then took her American Express and asked Charles, "Now what do I do?" He said "Bring the card and I'll show you how to write up the sale."

It's been the most wonderful journey, working with Charles, the love of my life, and amazing staff, some of which are now doctors and lawyers and have families of their own. Our opening staff included an employee named Dena who lied about her age to get the job (she was only 15 and amazing).

We have raised a family (Alysa and Jake) in a wonderful Dallas community, made the most amazing lifelong friends along the way, and I have never regretted dumping a successful and lucrative advertising career to join the wonderful world of retail.

We are at the jewelry shows in Vegas, and in the middle of lunch with two strangers we had never met, a consultant and a talented designer, I suddenly remembered what we did 25 years ago and leaned over to Charles to wish us both a Happy Birthday.

May everyone find as much joy in what they are doing, and do it well enough with a heart full of gratitude to share their good fortune with their community.

It's a wonderful life and I love it.


The Zhush said...

This was so sweet! Was just on the phone with your store, ordering a Sydney Evan bracelet (with Tiffany) and noticed the blogger emblem on your site...clicked over to check out your blog...I have one too!
Happy Business Birthday...from one blogging jewelry lover to another!

Ellie said...

You have the most amazing store and website and have kept me educated on designer jewelry, not just on your brilliant designers, but how to style their pieces. I lived in Dallas for almost 8 years during my medical training at UTSW and would visit your store on occasion, and especially after a difficult rotation. Treating myself to one of your pieces helped get me through the next month, kind of in a "breakfast at Tiffany's" way...not exactly the "mean reds" but a celebration of completing hard work...or at least a great rationalization for my jewelry obsession. And now that I no longer live in Dallas, I have your website and Miss Lauren! Lauren is my precious gem of a stylist/consultant and has never steered me wrong, whether purchases are gifts or adding to my collection. Bravo to Lauren!

Ellie said...

And Bravo to you Joanne and Ylang23!