Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Joanne Teichman - Why I Love Retail: David Rees; Ron Anderson; Irene Neuwirth; Cathy Waterman; Gurhan, Fiona & Tipsy; Catherine Michiels; Jamie & Jeremy Joseph, and a Cast of Thousands

Celebrating Von's Birthday
Jamie, Alysa & Jeremy (September)
Since college, I have worked continuously in one career after another, and for the most part, loved them all. But this fall -- amidst the start of our holiday trunk show season -- I am reminded why I love retail the best. Being around talent, creativity, amazing senses of humor, passionate staffers, happy florists, my family, treasured friends, devoted clients and an occasional 4 legged friend convinced me that nothing holds a candle to my cozy spot at Ylang 23. Where else can you find Jeremy Joseph helping to perfect Jamie's display cases, and our daughter Alysa showing up to shop the show for a special Jamie Joseph ring. Or surprise birthday celebrations for staffers which seem to be coming at a fast clip. Some friends just can't resist the invitation for cupcakes (and you know who you are!). 

Staffers & Irene & Woju
It was really fun hosting Irene Neuwirth & her stabilizer Woju, and "throwing Irene under the bus" when a TV crew dropped by to film the store and me, and I inserted Irene instead. So sorry for that but it might be retaliation for last year's event called "Need to adopt a dog in Dallas in the middle of a trunk show". Eddie is still waiting for you to bring Teddy back to his home state.

Lights! (No Makeup) Cameras!
Everyone loved getting the scoop from Ron and David (Ten Thousand Things) about helping Gregory Parkinson with his New York Fashion Week show for Spring 2011 (it rocked!) and mooning over Ron's shoes, bags and their new tattoos, not to mention cooking up new uses for their just released enamel necklaces (bracelet? anklet! let's just make dining room chandeliers out of them!).
Ron & David & Fans & Staff - September

Enamel Cups & Me
I have a love affair with my four legged friend Tipsy who I photograph every year in Vegas, oh, and I like Fiona and Gurhan too! Eddie's feelings are hurt that Tipsy rejected his friendship, since Fiona and I had planned a meeting of the two. It was fun last week when a client called and I handed the phone to Fiona as a surprise. And I see a sense of wonder (WOW@!) when friends and clients take their first look at a trunk show collection; that makes all the work it took to get to that moment worthwhile.

I am not the earliest of risers but love it when uber talented Rick & his boss Jeff bring the newest floral installation. That and a Starbucks rock my day! 

I could go on and on and on -- about so many design and tech talents, including Evan & Danny (and the rest of my other Geeks at Insite) who respond immediately to my panicked messages in the middle of the night or help in a non-web project (Hint: bag); Candace who makes house calls to go over ads; designers' staffers who are now friends and make me look good (Melanie, Meegan, Dana, Gretchen, Jackie, Melissa, Michele, Naomi, et al); my Twitter and Facebook friends who keep me connected even though my family grumbles; a new set of talents in Colorado who are working on the most incredible project to be launched in November; and most of all, the many friends I have made along the way. 

But wait! There's more! We look forward to visits from Cheryl Finnegan (aka "Finn", designer of Virgins, Saints & Angels) in her first ever trunk show visit in the United States; Todd Reed (master of rough cut and mogul diamonds and such a nice guy!); and my friend Cathy Waterman who makes holiday happen with a special appearance in December.          

From Arkansas to Cincinnati to New York, from soap bars at Procter & Gamble to being one of the "Mad Women" in advertising on Madison Avenue in the '80's, working with some of the top creative minds on the planet, and then moving with Charles 25 years ago to Dallas and my cozy spot at Ylang 23. There's no place like retailing for me.

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