Sunday, February 13, 2011

Joanne Teichman: 36 Hours in New York in December

I can't remember being in New York during the month of December since a Bat Mitzvah of my "second daughter" several weeks following 9/11. It is the most glorious time to be in New York, all the retailers dressed up in their finest and an infectious holiday spirit everywhere. This trip was unexpected, attending a memorial for a treasured cousin who took me under her wing decades ago when I lived in New York. 

Let me just say that there is a lot you can inhale in a 36 hour period when it comes to New York. The trapped ladies of the night in their finery and behind gilded 5th Avenue windows beckoned, but I was not there to shop, and even if I wanted to, their hours were not cooperating with mine. 

Louis Vuitton was a beautiful glow and I loved the funky Emporio Armani greens. The abandoned Ice Princess at Bergdorf Goodman had an especially stricken look, like she was left out of a major party. Tiffany was hosting a soiree, and the "Lady with the List" turned her back to my camera, maybe in embarrassment that I was not invited?? Loved the 'Alice thru the Looking Glass' perspective at Van Cleef and framed window tributes in other stores to ballet and the arts. Apple stood alone in the statement: We don't need to dress up for the holidays, we ARE the holidays. Well communicated and a store I would have loved to invade.

Back alone at my hotel, I had the good fortune in channel surfing to catch Casablanca and my favorite line: We'll always have Paris (and I hope NYC too!). Sad to look across at an office building and see workers, they should ditch it all and take the stroll I did. 

The next day, tears rained from the sky for Laure. I scurried back to the city, off to the airport, and back to Dallas, where I belong in December.

Louis Vuitton


Van Cleef

The Apple Palace

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