Friday, February 22, 2013


My best way to jump start the Spring Season when late January Texas weather is chill is to head West to spend time with designers and personal friends Cathy Waterman, Irene Neuwirth and Jen Meyer.

Some day (but not this trip), I will finally stop at Randy's Donuts by LAX. Happy to see that his business is still booming! My first stop was the Four Seasons, as I just had to meet my favorite new Facebook friend, Eric Buterbaugh, aka Florist to the Stars. We had a great visit and the flowers were amazing!

The mood at Cathy Waterman that Inauguration Day Monday was festive, as she (and the rest of the World) had gotten word that First Lady Michelle Obama was wearing her jewelry. Spending the afternoon at Cathy's light infused Studio visiting with her and daughter Claire over the newest creations is inspiring. Trays of twinkling rings and earrings at my fingertips made me feel like a Princess, and it was hard to make my picks. Gretchen was in the garden taking pictures, and I couldn't help but wander through the cucumbers, lemon trees, delicate lettuces and other home grown wonders to take a few shots of my own.

Monday night Jen Meyer whisked me away for a girls' dinner in Malibu where we discussed balancing marriage, children, work and fashion over amazing food . Fresh off her CFDA Fashion Fund win, her life is crazed: think 2 adorable kids, husband Tobey Maguire whose movie "The Great Gatsby" is opening in Spring, and back and forth travel to New York for fashion events, not to mention the demands of designing and producing jewelry for insatiable customers such as Moi. It was fun to run into one of Jen's best friends, Courteney Cox, who was having her own girl's night out with adorable daughter Coco.

It's great to talk about the jewelry, but my high was touching and trying on Jens' new designs on Tuesday, as well as visiting with Meegan, Caitlin and other Studio staffers who we just couldn't live without. As usual, Jen was juggling that day, arriving at the Studio having just completed a field trip hike with Ruby's class.

Irene Neuwirth hosted dinner Tuesday night in Santa Monica with Lizzie, Woju and mutual friend, clothing designer Gregory Parkinson who was getting ready for New York Fashion Week (more on this later!). The Italian food was over the top, and the warmth of friendship mixed with great wine made for a wonderful evening.

Wednesday was my day at Irene's Studio, and the amount of new work to choose from knocked me over. Thankfully, Woju had some ideas, or I never would have made it in time for my flight back to Dallas. Truthfully, it's hard to function with Teddy Neuwirth competing with the jewelry for attention. I just love this dog, Texas born and adopted during a Dallas Trunk Show.

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