Saturday, February 26, 2011

Memorable Oscar Red Carpet Moments: Cathy Waterman Jewelry

First off, let me state that I am biased. I have carried Cathy Waterman jewelry for well over a decade, and we are close personal friends. But I can't contain myself; my obsession with her jewelry peaks around the Oscars, and with good reason.

My most memorable fashion moments in the last 13 years of Oscars involves incredible gowns paired with Cathy Waterman jewelry. Yes, I am dazzled by big diamonds, lots of them, and yes, Angelina, your emeralds caught my attention in a big way, but to me there is nothing to match the sheer creativity and artistry in a big red carpet moment like a piece from Cathy's Studio.

It is well known that after Gwyneth Paltrow won her Oscar in 2000 for Shakespeare in Love, her parents bought the amazing Harry Winston diamond choker for her that had been loaned. What is less known is that her hand tightly clutching Oscar was adorned in a platinum and diamond Cathy Waterman bracelet, and that Gwyneth bought that piece for herself, calling it her lucky charm. By the way, loved Gwyneth's pink gown, but then again, I'm biased, as it is close to our favorite store color.

At an after party, Gwyneth changed, and the cameras popped at her Waterman red tassel lariat. Just love that piece!

Jamie Lee Curtis doesn't wear much jewelry now (a pair of studs, her platinum Waterman child necklace), but in the day when she regularly appeared at the Oscars, she wore Cathy Waterman (next disclaimer, they are great friends). One of my favorites is this icy blue gown paired with Cathy's marquis star necklace. Very, very stunning Jamie Lee.

Skipping to another necklace which is a favorite of mine now, this blue topaz centered pendant was killer with a black gown on Laura Linney in 2008. And I'm not the only one who noticed, it was featured in InStyle, People, and those who are not as biased as I am.

Julia Roberts presented in 2005 the best actor award to Cliff Eastwood. It was amusing that in the following days, everyone was trying to identify her drop earrings, and the reason that Cathy's platinum and diamond triple four petals were not spotted, is that they weren't loaned, they were Julia's and she put them on last minute. Looked so perfect, and proved that you don't have to wear huge bling to get noticed.

There's a new and younger crop of Waterman devotees, including Leighton Meister and Vanessa Hudgens. Vanessa (or maybe her stylist) made a perfect pick to her dramatic and dark hair coloring with these platinum, diamond and angel coral drops. They were photographed over and over and over, and were just perfect for her age and energy.

I freely admit that there are some years that I am disappointed not to spot our lead designer, but there have been plenty of sightings in between -- the Emmys, Golden Globes, Metropolitan Ball and many more.

Fashion is my obsession, and Sunday night I will be glued to the screen to see not only who won the Oscar, but who got it all together for their fashion moment which will be immortalized in the years to come, as these actresses have. My industry friends will be tweeting their fingers out, so if you want to know in real time, follow any of these tweeters:@marionfasel @JewelryBizGuru @JewelryInsider @jenniferheebner @couture_jeweler @jeweltweets @michellemgraff @WhoWhatWear @womensweardaily @TandCmag or the hash tag #oscarjewelry.

And Waterman or not, we are happy to offer her dedicated following of collectors a Red Carpet moment of their own from our extensive collection.

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gretchen bayer said...

a nice walk down
memory "red carpet" lane.
stunning jewelry on gorgeous women...
a perfect pair.